Monday, June 06, 2016

More from "MCOTW"

It's a thrill for me to see pieces in exhibits that have been created by artists I know...and even more so, when I didn't know the artist but met him/her at the exhibit.

In my last post about the "My Corner of the World" dual exhibit, I pointed out a piece from Jenny Lyon and from Gwyned Trefethen, both of whom I've met at SAQA conferences.  Here's one from Marie McEachern of Calgary, whom I've known since we were both students with Anna Hergert...a good dozen years ago.

Downtown - (C) Marie  McEachern, Calgary, AB

I like the way she's hinted at the Canadian Rockies with her 'rocky' upper edge, and has included what Albertans have often referred to as our 'Provincial bird': the (building) crane.  Great fun!

Then there's this poignant piece by Mary Pal of Almonte, Ontario...someone I've also met at SAQA Conferences but who, alas, didn't make the opening due to illness (from which she's since recovered).

Courage - (C) Mary Pal, Almonte, ON
Portrait of a homeless man, Toronto

When I was at the opening I also had a chance to meet a few artists I'd never met or corresponded with before.  

Here's Peggy Blei-Hracho of Pennsylvania, with her piece, Home: Noun, A Place Where Something Flourishes:

Peggy and Home: Noun...
Opening, My Corner of the World
Stratford, ON - May 21, 2016

It was delightful to talk to Peggy and to learn more about the unique collage she created for her entry, which is based on the view from her studio, in her home.

Another artist I met was Joan Reive, who has a piece in each of the twin exhibits.  Up in her eighties, lively and colourful, she attended the opening with her husband, who is clearly her biggest fan.

First, from the All-Canada exhibit, a piece inspired by one of her own paintings, made on a trip to Westport, Ontario a few years ago:

A Fall Day in Westport - (C) Joan Reive,
Belleville, Ontario

And next, from the International exhibit, a piece inspired by a watercolour she painted (to quote the catalogue) "in one of the rugged lake districts of Ontario":

Lake Vistas #2 - (C) Joan Reive,
Belleville, Ontario

A third participating artist I met at the Opening was Bobbe Shapiro Nolan, travelling with her sister Gee Gee (dubbed "Marketing Director").  Bobbe hails from the Midwestern U.S. but now lives in Texas, where a piece of large, highly technical caught her attention and inspired her piece:

Clutch Manifold - (C) Bobbe Shapiro Nolan,
Texas, USA

And there's this lovely colourful piece by my colleague and friend, Bethany Garner, curator of the All-Canadian exhibit, who was too busy at the opening for me to get a photo of her with it!  This piece is part of the International exhibit:

Turning Point -  (C) Bethany Garner, Ontario

What a delight it would be to find myself in each of those corners of the world!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the exhibit. I don't get the chance to see events like this, in person, so I enjoyed living it vicariously, through you.