Thursday, December 10, 2015

WIPs Beyond Wednesday

Yesterday I had lunch with M, one of my SAQA colleagues who lives fairly close by.  We had a lovely lunch, followed by a visit to Gracie D's Antiques, so M could see where some of my minis were displayed, awaiting new homes with happy purchasers.

Just as we came out of Gracie's, the first few snow-flakes began to fall.  By the time she dropped me at the Post Office -- so I could mail some Christmas gifts -- the snow was intensifying, and within minutes of my reaching home (on foot), it was really coming down...and so it continued late into the evening.

A perfect opportunity to stay in the sewdio.

What follows is a sample of what I've worked on this week:

1.  I put together the last block of the last of three full "Block-of-the-Month" quilts I found in a drawer late in 2012.  I've done one set per year since...and now each can be set/sashed, sandwiched and quilted.

"Zen" BOM - December
"Aunt Nancy's Favourite"

2.  I finished the first crib-throw quilt top for refugees that are expected to arrive in the next few weeks. Here it is, spread out on my kitchen floor:

Pattern: "Chunky Churn Dash" from Bonnie Hunter
All fabrics from stash - approx 42" W x 62" L

3. I finished and mailed these mittens and neck-warmer to my nephew in B.C. (he doesn't read this blog):

Now I'm making a similar set for my son (he doesn't read this blog either.  :-)  )

My nephew has a fiance...I mailed her gift along with his.

4. And last night I finished the second Chunky Churn Dash crib/throw:

The reason you can see only part of it here is because it's hanging on my design wall, and the bottom is obscured in part by my sewing table!  It finished at about 42" W x 60" L.

I still have a stack of fabric that's suitable (no florals, no animals, no discernible "images" on it) so I dug out my copy of Successful Scrap Quilts from Simple Rectangles by Judy Turner and Margaret Wolfe and will turn to that for the next one.

Friday I hope to get to Homespun Seasons in Stettler -- my LQS of choice -- for batting...and the quilting can begin. may just have to wait a bit.  I'm still knitting gifts, and have yet to assemble the 2015 edition of the Annual Christmas Boxer Shorts...

Meanwhile, let's join the group for WIP Wednesday at The Needle and Thread Network, and see what's happening over there, eh?

'Bye for now!


elle said...

Glad to see you haven't fallen in a snowbank! :)

Jo Ferguson said...

I LOVE the quilts and your knitting is exquisite.

Maggi said...

You are making such wonderful gifts, truly generous.

Have a lovely Christmas and New Year.