Wednesday, December 02, 2015

All I Want to Do

I know; I know...I have Christmas Knitting still on the needles.  And the Annual Christmas Boxer Shorts are cut out, but not (yet) assembled.

But when I'm in my sewdio, all I want to do is work on this:

Initial lay-out for a "Chunky Churn-dash"
(Free) Pattern: Bonnie K. Hunter

The photo above shows only the first few blocks (my design wall is small).  I've now finished another 4 'Hourglass' blocks -- for a total of 20 -- and have a stack of CCD blocks -- plus 3 more under construction.  I've been checking out quilt sizes...figuring that if I am to make a throw-sized quilt (or two), for each one I need at least 80 blocks (10 rows of 8 blocks that are 6" finished, plus narrow borders to finish at 51" W x 64" L).

"To what end?", I hear you asking, Gentle Readers.  Well...this end: a refugee family from Syria.

The Canadian government is bringing in 10,000 people before year end, and another 15,000 or so in the early part of next year.  Some are coming to Red Deer -- and my "home church", St. Cyprian's Anglican, Lacombe, is working with St. Andrew's United Church*, Lacombe and the Roman Catholic Family Services in Red Deer -- to bring at least one family into Lacombe proper.

And...well, I live a fair distance from Lacombe and even farther from Red Deer.  I'm on a fairly fixed income.  But...I have connections (The Shop) and a stash of fabric...some of which is actually suitable (no images of animals, flora or fauna or people) for quilts...

So. I am making a top (or two) and will trust God to provide batting...and time to quilt and bind them.  And I am stitching together granny squares donated to The Shop -- and from The Shop to me -- for image-less blankets of comfort. (Note: I don't crochet...well.  My Granny Squares never line up. These were done by more talented folk than I!)

It takes the edge off the Cultural Consumerism of the "Holidays"...and keeps me creating, while I think up art pieces in my mind for the year ahead.

"And what of EB?" you might ask...well...December is "assessment month".  My task now is not to create a new piece but to finish those that need to be finished (I have a facing to do and maybe a sleeve or two)...and to do a thorough assessment of what I have learned (from all angles).  And so it will go.

"Would you recommend it?" Those of you who are art quilters lacking confidence in your ability to design?  Those of you who want to learn more about design because you can't manage to get a BFA?  Go for it.  Get yourself on Elizabeth Barton's mailing list NOW for 2016...using this e-mail address...

And so...I am linking up with WIP Wednesday on The Needle and Thread Network...and wishing you blessings for the week ahead.  Skip the shopping. Quilt, embroider or knit instead. You'll feel ever so much better!

*For those outside Canada who might be curious, the United Church of Canada is made up of members who, in generations past, came together from Presbyterian and Methodist worship traditions.


elle said...

good for you and Lacombe/Red Deer! And it is a lovely top! :)

Sarah Vanderburgh said...

I love churns and this is my first look at the chunky churn! Love your fabric choices. I will be checking this out on Bonnie's blog. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your blog! Thanks for sharing. I need to get quilting!

Maggi said...

Well done for what you are contributing.

Jo Ferguson said...

You have a generous heart and I know the quilts you are making will be a lovely welcome to a new country.