Friday, November 06, 2015

EBMC November: Photo Finish

Instructions this month:

  • Choose one of three photos provided;
  • Create a quilt.
The key words are "photos provided"...meaning "not taken by the artist/student".

All landscapes -- well, largely urban landscapes.

Even I, a "point-and-click" person, could have taken better photos! (Grin)  But...I know these were chosen deliberately in order to challenge the viewer to make something (better) of them.  At least, I believe that's the purpose of the exercise -- and once again I hope I'm up to it!

Here's the photo "inspiration" I selected:

York, UK, from the Bar (Roman wall)

It took me a while to distill something from this.  I began by converting it to 8-bit grey scale;

I cropped away till I had a couple of focused areas:

It was the windows that 'got to' me.

I traced out sections of windows, copied them onto 'proper' paper, enlarged the copies...and then set to free-hand sketch (all done on large paper - 18" x 24").  (I rotated some too, but decided I liked 'em better "right way 'round".)

First...a collection of the windows/buildings assembled in this version of the 'scape.  I liked adding doors that look like some of the church windows.

I then pondered the possibility of creating a triptych; hence the lines dividing this sketch into thirds:

Lastly, I decided to cover a page solely with window shapes based on those in the photo:

I rather like this last one -- a collection or sampler.  I'm thinking it could be done as a dip- or triptych, with some of the windows on the bottom falling completely off the edge...

We'll see what EB has to say, eh?

Meanwhile, I'm linking up with Nina Marie, who's back at last with her Off the Wall Friday after a couple of weeks' hiatus.  (I too missed and worried about her -- and am delighted she's back!)  Curiously, in her latest OtW post, Nina Marie contemplates the winning ways of a quilt -- made by a well-known and award-winning artist -- that appears to be...well...let's just say closely aligned with its photo inspiration.  Hmmm...Are you prepared to weigh in?  ;-)

Have a great weekend!


elle said...

Interesting! I just was contemplating a triptych about ten minutes ago. Great minds and all that. This has been quite a class! :)

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

I look forward to seeing it develop.

Jo Ferguson said...

I enjoyed seeing your process from photo to a more focused piece. I'm looking forward to seeing where you head from here.

Maggi said...

Some interesting ideas to be developed. I was surprised to read that Hollis's quilts were so true to the photo -OK if it's your own but I definitely wouldn't be comfortable using someone else's, even with attribution.