Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Family History

My father worked in education.  He taught my mother in the ninth grade, and married her a decade later.  He also served as a school principal and near the end of his life, while in provincial politics, worked on teacher's pensions and establishing schools where there weren't any.

His sister worked in education.  She began as a teacher in a one-room school in rural Eastern Ontario...and retired at 65 from years as a K-Grade 1 teacher on the West Island of Montreal.

My cousin, worked in education, and retired a science and math teacher.  His middle daughter has taken over his job.

I work in education.  I teach the general public and the quilting populace about art quilts and art quilting...and years ago, I used to teach people how to manage their cash flow and prepare for retirement.

My daughter works in education.  She coaches educators in their work with children who have serious developmental delays and challenges.  In her free time, she practices the art of photography.  Is it any surprise that she was attracted to THIS?

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