Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday a Manner of Speaking...

It's been a good week.

On the 29th of each month (or as close as I can get) I update Mark on the Body, my project honouring those who live with and/or care for those living with Type 1 Diabetes.  The past few weeks have been taken up with Part II of this project, which is participatory.  I've asked interested stitchers to stitch on a small quilt sandwich (which I provide) and return it to me to be incorporated into a 'body' of work that expresses "Mark on the Body: Making My Mark".  I have been touched and honoured by those couple dozen who have participated so far -- some of whom have had no experience of T1D in their families or with friends. (If you are interested in participating, please e-mail me).  This week I received 3 finished contributions in time for posting...and today another arrived...

I also got two pieces quilted to send to EB in time for her month-end evaluation in the Master Class...on "Rhythm".  I knew she liked the rectangular approach, but the 'wavy lines' approach spoke to me too.  Both are quilted but...not faced or not quite finished (but that's okay).

First, the 'rectangular' approach.  I posted about this one earlier when I blocked it out.

Rhythm in Blues I - approx. 16" square (unbound)

Here was her feedback on this one:
This came out very well...I might have had one or two red notes for sforzando!!!  Sudden loud notes!!
and maybe made the black strips even skinnier...but I do like the way the blue notes glide through..different sized but fairly evenly paced...a very nice calm representation of syncopation.
And the quilting pattern definitely adds to it...that's a very good choice, perfectly supports and adds to the original idea.  Plus the squareness of it goes with the squareness of the notes.

Now the "wavy lines" approach.  I used hand-dyed muslin, and sections stamped with a self-made stamp using string on cardboard, and acrylic paint mixed with textile medium:

Rhythm in Blues II - approx. 45" w x 12.5" L (unbound)
And a detail shot:

And here was her feedback...
I like the idea of  the one above....I've enlarged the detail so that we can see the string print....I really think it would be worth pursuing further...the string makes a very delicate line...
I feel though it would be stronger if it were bolder, more varied and bigger. (NOTE: I responded with the measurements; she hadn't realized the size of this one.)

Imagine many more horizontal slices with just small background spaces and the string motif jazzing about all over  them.  Don't think you need the "hangers on"...they really don't make a telling point.  (NOTE: I like the "hangers on" as I intended them to add to the 'syncopation' of the piece.)
so I would say: great idea, but put it to one side - as a sample - and develop it much further when you have time.

 So...we shall see what transpires.  I am setting both aside for a while, because tomorrow there will be a new Master Class Theme...and Other Things are going on.

On the knitting front, I've almost finished a baby sweater (buttons to add; then a wash; then a photo!) for the latest grandchild of a cousin of mine "down east" in Quebec...

And I finished the July Socks from Stash:

Pattern: "Hummingbird" by Sandi Rosner
from Clara Parkes' The Knitter's Book of Socks
Yarn: Celestial Merino in "Fiesta" colour-way
from Lucy Neatby (discontinued)

Next month's challenge?  Knit in a colour/pattern that reflects your favourite holiday.  This is a toughie because I'm not a big "seasonal" decorator/celebrator.  Even my Christmas celebrations are low-key and worship and family focused.  But...I decided to go with Christmas and a red-and-white pattern called "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?"  from "knittymelissa"...

Whoa!  Let's hope mine turn out as well, eh?

Now about those Other Things...

In addition to the two new-month-challenges (EB and Socks from Stash)...I have two friends visiting this weekend, and another the following weekend...through Aug. 12.  Sha and Mary are friends from Anna Hergert's classes in Calgary a decade or more ago...and almost every summer since I moved out here, we've had a long weekend being messy artists in my back yard.  Paint, dye, paper and fabric arts...whatever...we will play this weekend and leave with more inspiration and ideas than we know what to do with! I mowed the lawns (front and back), made a dozen rhubarb muffins (fresh rhubarb); prepped pastry for Bumbleberry Pie (rhubarb, Saskatoons and apples); made a couscous salad and set lamb cubes to marinate for kebabs for dinner tonight; did 2 loads of laundry (including washing fabric for indigo dye vats this weekend); prepared two guest beds...

And now posted this!

It's time to go to the Outdoor Studio with a cold beverage and some stitching (there's a binding going on the hand-quilted throw...)...and time to link to Nina Marie's "Off the Wall Friday" guests are due within the hour...

Have a good one, eh?

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elle said...

What a class. And your yard and preparations will lead to such a great and fun time!