Monday, June 29, 2015


Remember those wrapped bundles I put away on the spur of the moment a couple weeks ago?


has produced these:

Bundle #1 - Revealed June 22, 2015
Silk charmeuse, rose leaves and onion skins

Bundle #2 - Revealed June 27, 2015
Silk (haboti?), rose petals

arlee warned me that Bundle #2 might just be dark blobs of colour, so I'm rather pleased that it's more subtle...and there's even a hint of pink/purple in spots:

Bundle #2 - close-up view

Not the foggiest what I'll do with them...but they'll let me know eventually, I'm thinkin'.  One thing I do know: I'm going to do more with my stash of onion skins...maybe even with yarn.  I brought out my wheel today...


Lesley Turner said...

How rewarding.

Judy Warner said...

I particularly love the rose petal delicate!

Maggi said...

Glad they turned out well. Hadn't realised that you were a spinner as well.