Saturday, February 07, 2015

EBMC February II - For the Birds

In my last post I showed you my inspirational photo/drawing and the two sketches I sent to EB for evaluation.  Frankly, her words surprised me -- and thrilled me no end.  Apparently, I'm actually getting a handle on this stuff!   I don't feel comfortable sharing everything she wrote, but I will tell you this: like you, she preferred the second of my two sketches, the one that was looser, freer.

About that, she wrote:
Sketch 3 - this is where the artist realizes that there's a better way to portray the movement of the birds..we don't need the technical details of the feeder and we're really not interested in what kinds of birds these are but rather their constant fluttering movements as they approach and feed...furthermore look how she has echoed the curves...the curves of the head, of the wings of the tail and off the feeder - all is harmonious, all pulled together and the whole nicely balanced.  The whole meaning is there with great economy and simplicity that is so elegant.  Nicely done student 8!! Love it!!!  Worth all the thought that went into it.

Even before I received this feedback, I had an idea for one way of doing this piece, so this morning I worked it up -- a sample just over 9" square.  I began by tracing my original sketch onto a piece of white-on-white cotton.  Then I sandwiched it with batting and a cotton backing, and 'thread painted' it, as if I were doing a pen-and-ink drawing:

At the Feeder (C) 2915
Approx 9 1/2" square, unfinished

I'm not a 'comfortable' free-motion quilter -- by the time I'd finished the dense stipple-meander around the birds, my shoulders were up around my ears!  For the curious, here's the back:

It's a cute wee piece but small (in my usual style)...and I wanted to try it out with a variety of fabrics so I made these two mock-ups:

At the Feeder 2 (WIP) 2015
Approx. 18" W x 14" L

Just the Shapes, M'am!  ;-)
At the Feeder 3 (WIP) 2015
Approx. 13" W x 9" L
And yes, I know it looks like the feeder is floating in space in each of these!  That little detail would be handled either simply by stitching or by couching a narrow cord...depending on the weight of the piece.

Of these two, I actually rather like the top one.  It could be the background (self-dyed cotton velveteen) or it could be the fact it's less geometric; I don't really know.

What do you think?

I think I'll link up with Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday...and then go for a jog in the sunshine!


Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

such a wonderful exercise, I love it in fabric a wonderful composition.

Kaylene said...

Great work, I like the abstract the last one but wonder if it gives the same sense of motion as your sketching. Cheers

Kathie Briggs said...

Margaret, your free-motion is good, it shows a movement. And I really like your mock-ups. They have an distinct Asian (Japanese maybe?) flavor. You are on a roll. Keep going with it.

elle said...

Nicely done for sure. I do like the first sketchy one. I expect your ears will come down and your fmqing kills will loosen up as you do more. Very nicely done!!!

Judy Warner said...

Tried to post this yesterday but it didn't work. I love the blue version!

els said...

I really like them all, but fell in love with the second one. Beautiful work.

Christina Vandervlist, Spiritbead said...

That first mock-up really captures the essence of motion that you'll emphasize with stitching - the curves are there and it's really appealing. I'm impressed! *G*