Friday, January 30, 2015

A Snowy Day in the Sewdio

After a couple of weeks of milder weather, and many weeks without fresh's snowing at last out here on the Central Alberta prairie.  It's a lovely thing.  Somehow, a steady snowfall gives one the impression that one has all the time in the world, because it's so miserable out that there's no point in trying to do anything outside one's cozy nest.

As a result, today's been a computer-focused day.  I didn't even go out for the mail...

I've been catching up with correspondence and SAQA business (I'm Co-Rep for Alberta, part of SAQA's Western Canada Region).

And...I did the first draft of my tax return (in Canada the deadline is April 30), which involved making sure I had most of my receipts (a few are due in the next few weeks) and had prepared a statement of my artwork-based income and expenses for 2014.

The 'artsy-craftsy' side wasn't completely neglected, though.  Yesterday marked fourteen months (!) for my Mark on the Body project, so the piece was duly photographed and the blog updated before I did today's stitching.

My friend Kathie Briggs nominated me for the Facebook Artists' Challenge, which brought a dilemma.  To fulfill the challenge, one is supposed to nominate another artist daily, as well as post 3 photos of artwork each day for five days!  Whoa!  Not all of my artist friends are on FB, and many of the ones who are have already been decided to post my work daily but nominate no-one.   I've had no objections so I'm sticking to that resolve!

Now that I've finished the baby blanket, I have another baby to knit for -- wee Charlie, who was born just over a month ago in Calgary, the second son of the youngest son of a cousin of my late DH... I cast on a very cute knit-sideways cardigan and am about 30 rows in...

Oh...and today is my 1299th blog post!  This means that when I publish on Sunday...that drawing for lace yarn for my knitting will also be Post 1,300.  Who'd'a thunk it?

Tonight?  Some hand-quilting after supper.  With a video.  Maybe DMTV or The Quilt Show or PBS' Craft in America...

Tomorrow?  Borders on that medallion.

Sunday brings February, and a new month with Elizabeth and the Master Class.

Stay tuned!

P.S. Linking up with Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday. Let's see what she's doing today, eh?


Jenny K. Lyon said...

1300-wow! I guess I'm a downright newbie to your blog then! I enjoy each post, your excellent writing and your art. You have a busy year ahead with SAQA co-rep and the EB course. Oh wait a minute-that was my year last year-enjoy every minute!

elle said...

The cold is back and yesterday a light dusting of snow. Yes, indeed! Time seems to at least slow while the white stuff descends.