Sunday, November 02, 2014

Remember to Read the Fine Print

Being early in the month, yesterday I took some time to piece the November "Four by Four" Block of the Month -- the project in Christmas fabric I've been working on all year in order to finish the kitted tops I collected over time from Freckles Quilt Shoppe in Calgary (now closed as the owner retired).


I didn't have a block for Month #11 -- November.

I'd discovered this some time back, and decided to select an alternative block that I thought would suit -- one from a BOM in 2006.

It turned out very prettily re-interpreted in Christmas fabrics, don't you think?

"Grandma's Favourite"


The "Four by Four" patterns finish at 12" square -- but this isn't written on the pattern.  I didn't think twice about selecting "Grandma's Favourite because I liked the pattern and thought it would fit well with the other blocks I'd pieced


It finishes at 10" square -- and this is written right on the small print.

I'd missed it entirely.

Ah well; if/when I put the blocks into a top, I'll just have to cope

Lesson: it pays to read the fine print!


elle said...

That darn small print!

Vivian Helena said...

can you just add a border to work with the others? Or use it in another project?

Judy Warner said...

I thought of a border too....or you could make another for November and just save the 10" for a special project. It really stands alone - it is so pretty and festive!