Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Concerning Hub Caps

Are hub caps important to the life of a car?
A red Toyota Echo sedan - not my car but one like it

I ask because this morning I went out to my car for something (it was parked in my driveway), and noticed the right front (driver's side) hub cap is missing.


I'm pretty sure it was there yesterday when I drove to Lacombe, then to Red Deer, back to Lacombe and home late last evening (9:30 p.m. which is late for me).

My car is a 2002 Toyota Echo sedan, so it's not like the hub cap is from a "vintage" vehicle.  Who'd want to steal one?  I mean, if someone really needed hub caps from an Echo, why not steal all 4?

And if it fell off while I was driving along the highway (at 100 km. per hour), wouldn't I have noticed?

Should I hop to and replace it?  Or can I leave it till the next maintenance service, or when I'm having my tires changed over to snow tires (October)?

Just askin'...


Judy Warner said...

My husband, a car fanatic, says that hub caps are not important. Don't put replacement at the top of your 'to do' list. :)

elle said...

The place we get the tires changed won't put hub caps on as I guess he got blamed for any coming off. A pain! I much more care about household stuff than cars. ;) And I can't chat too long as Blogger is back rolling! yippee!

Jo Ferguson said...

Hub caps are decorative and no, you probably wouldn't hear it come off. In most cars they're simply plastic. If you're not concerned about how it looks, leave it.