Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Never a Dull Moment

In the week since my last fabric-related post, discounting Easter observances, it's been all about prep for the 15th Annual Lacombe Art Show and Sale, which begins Friday.  As in: the day after tomorrow.

I wanted to have a dozen 'minis' ready, and managed to do that...For example...

Where There's Life, There's Hope
(C) 2014

Prairie Gold (C) 2014

Tree-O! (C) 2014 - yet another reprise of this

I also have a few 'experiments' and pieces on stretched canvas or mounted on mat board:

Rock Face III - Portrait orientation (C) 2014
This one is free-motion quilting on whole cloth -- the cloth being a section of drapery sample fabric I've had in my stash for years now.  It can also be displayed horizontally... and is 6" x 12" however you like it!

Rock Face III - Landscape orientation (C) 2014

The toughest to photograph has been this piece I created based on a photograph by Velma Bolyard, and used with her permission.  The reason it was tough is the fabric selection, as you'll see.

Vee's Berries (C) 2014
9" W x 12" L

I'll have some pieces of my daughter's to add to the mix, and plenty of easels as well and spots for hangings.  Must remember to dig out my cash box, and to make sure I have a float!  There are credit/debit card services provided on site by the City of Lacombe (for a modest fee)...but I have to be prepared for cash customers, especially for the smaller pieces.

Yesterday I updated my inventory/price list, made dowels for a half-dozen hangings that needed them, and packaged, priced and packed all my pieces.  Today?  Time to turn the rack that holds my fabric and trims into a rack that looks something like this:

With a full day of work at The Shop tomorrow, I likely won't post again until next week.  If you're out for a day trip over the weekend, do drop by the Lacombe Memorial Centre and visit my booth!

Not sure this is exactly about Work In Progress, but I'm linking up to WIP Wednesday over at The Needle and Thread Network anyway.  Have a great weekend!


elle said...

Go! You are definitely making progress in your work!!!

Lorette said...

Good luck!! And have fun! These are lovely little pieces!

els said...

Good luck at the show. It won't be hard to sell these beautiful piecec.

Jo Ferguson said...

What a wonderful array of quilts, to offer at the show. Where there's life, there's hope and Vee's berries, are my faves. But, I'd be thrilled to have any of them displayed in my home. You'll do well, good luck.

Judy Warner said...

Wish I could be there! Have fun!