Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What We Value

You learn a great deal in a short time when you are no longer able to "connect" in the way our culture has encouraged us to do.
  1. You learn that you have friends all over the place who are willing to help you with support, encouragement, advice an anecdotes about their own struggles with the same issue.
  2. You learn that you can reconstruct documents and save them outside your hard drive with ease.  This morning I re-created a document in Word Online via the library computer, saved it online in a "cloud" and also on my memory stick.  It needs more work, but I have saved it and will be able to get back to it when I need it.
  3. You learn that those data files you thought "might be useful someday" can be turfed as easily as the books you've bought and never read, the clothes in your closet with price tags still on them, the dried up and dusty craft supplies you no longer use, etc., etc.
  4. You learn to trust online data storage -- just in case a crash happens again.
In short, you learn what you value:
  1. Friendship -- whether "in person" or across cyber-space;
  2. The love and generosity of your children (my daughter offered to lend me an old laptop);
  3. The kind services and help offered by your local public library; 
  4. Time to work in your studio without the distraction a computer can afford.
  5. Time to take long walks in the spring sunshine...and give thanks for all the above.  :-)

Pussy willows budding - Mirror, March 2014


Linda A. Miller said...

Yes, yes, yes... there is a lot to be thankful for always! Hope you are getting your system back up and running.

Darlene said...

Hang in there, Margaret! Things will get fixed. On another note, I see a mini in the pussy willows!

JennyPennyPoppy said...

A good post and we certainly value somethings more when we don't have them for awhile ie: when our boiler quit and it got mighty cold in the house for 2 days before it was fixed. So nice to see some pussy willows! Ours will be awhile yet I think.

elle said...

When life happens, I ask myself- "in light of eternity, is this really important?"

els said...

Yes Margaret. In time of need, all of a sudden, you learn how many friends you have and how they are willing to help you. This is indeed something to be very thankful for. Hopefully your computer will get fixed and in the meantime enjoy the extra time it gives you.

Jo Ferguson said...

It's always good to have a reminder of what's important. Thanks.