Saturday, January 25, 2014

Winter School and Other Things

Those of you who've been following this blog for some time have likely figured out I'm a bit of a perpetual student.  Having finished with the C&G (December 2012) I pretty quickly set up a "Self-directed Summer School".  It should come as no surprise then that late last year I signed up for an online class with Pamela Allen entitled "About Contrast".

We are now almost through Week 2, so I thought I'd share what I've been learning.  Karol Kusmal is a class-mate; I've been relieved to read in our class forum that she's been having challenges similar to mine.  (Grin)

We've begun with some colour theory, and in Week 1 had to try out mono-chromatic or low contrast pieces.  I had a miniature in mind already, so I submitted this as my first piece (yes, I shared it recently HERE):

January Afternoon (C) 2014
It didn't quite meet expectations (only 2 fabrics used), so I tried again, but still in miniature:

Sample with stack of potential fabric

Again, not I promised to work larger and from a wider stash of fabric for Week 2.  :-)

This week we had to create a 2-colour work, preferably in collage style.  I'm not fond of collage, even though that's how many might classify my pieces.  I prefer to think that my main technique is a combination of piecing and fused applique.  Semantics aside, here's the stash I dove into for my second piece, focusing on blues and browns:

I cut out a foundation fabric that was 18" square, thinking I might use this for my next 15 x 15 piece, as our February/March theme is "Contrast" (I kid you not!), applied fusible in my usual way and, thinking about my favourite local landscapes, drew inspiration from this photo:

Slough on the way from Mirror to Alix, Alberta

From which I'd originally created this miniature:

Autumn at the Slough (C) 2013
And yesterday afternoon I put together this collage:

Working Title: Big Sky Country: Autumn at the Slough Redux
It needs sandwiching and quilting to become we shall see what transpires.  :-)

Other Things have continued under construction: Mark on the Body (a new post on that blog next week); Deterioration of Civility (embroidery happening now, quasi-trapunto, to be shared later); my daughter's sock (heel turned, working down the foot); and this newer piece -- from Little House Needleworks "Sheep Virtues" series, for my friend B's birthday in early February:

Friendship Sampler
(I'd love to collect the series but money and time don't permit it.  You don't wanna know the size of my embroidery supply stash -- the third "F" in my company's name, 3F: Fabric, Fibre and Floss...)

Linking up with Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday (even though it's now Saturday morning)...and going back to my stitching.  Why don't you pour a cuppa something and join me?


elle said...

I like learning stuff, too. Not so much the classes but anything that interests me. I liked these that you are doing.

Jenny K. Lyon said...

I admire your self motivation! Your work just continues to improve-especially liking the beginnings of your collage.

Judy Warner said...

You chose a much more demanding course than me! I am sure you will get plenty of insights!

Martha Ginn said...

Margaret, I loved reading your post today (consider yourself an Artist)on the SAQA group; my philosophy seems so similar to yours. Although I love continuing to learn, I am a firm believer of making what I want to make regardless of trends or news. If it fits a show or exhibit, okay, but make art to express what's inside of me.
Martha Ginn