Sunday, January 05, 2014

Took Longer Than Expected

-- the latest miniature, that is -- due in large part to getting to know the quirks of The Loaner.  I've discovered, however, that J's machine is quite capable of free motion if it likes the combination of threads you've chosen, and if you remember whether or not the feed dogs are up or down when you begin (unlike my Lily, The Loaner gets grumpy if you try to FMQ with them up).

I found the best combination of thread for quilting in this machine was Superior's Bottom Line in the bobbin and King Tut in the top.  Other brands of thread on top were either tolerated (Sulky Blendables) or rejected out of hand -- as demonstrated by breaking over and over and over again (Mettler 60-wt Stick-+Stopfgarn, designed for embroidery, and which I've used very successfully for FM thread "painting" on my own machine).

In addition to working on a borrowed machine, the other thing this mini had going on was some needle-felted acrylic felt for the hills -- with thread painting on top, and a touch of Fabrico (R) marker on the bottom edge to imitate reflections in the water.

Sky, Hills, Slough - detail

Finally, the bovines in this scene clearly reflect my rather 'primitive' style...

Roan - detail

Centre Bovine - detail

May I present the first miniature from my sewdio for 2014?

You Lookin' at US?!


Judy Warner said...

I love the bovine!!

Wil said...

And it is a very nice one.

Linda A. Miller said...

Love the cows! Worth the wait, I would say!

Kathie Briggs said...

Love this one!

Lesley Turner said...

Oh, no, your 2 machines are in the hospital! It happened to me last month. I felt as though my right arm had been cut off. So pleased to read a good friend came to the rescue with a loaner.

California Fiber artist and composer said...

I love the cows---what a great and interesting start to the year.