Tuesday, November 12, 2013


...to find an odd post in my Blog List (i.e., the list of blogs I read/follow) this morning.

It was a post from a friend who's pretty much given up blogging.  Well, er...that was where the link originated... BUT in reality, though she'd given up posting several months ago...some Poor Soul in Indonesia had co-opted her blog address and sent me a cropped photo of the nether regions of a naked female...sigh...

Because I'm acquainted with Said Blogger (the real one, not the porno-blogger!), I e-mailed her to let her know that her former address was being compromised/trashed/disrespected...and to advise her to check wherever she'd put this address forward as a link.

From C.S. Lewis: The Official Blog
I haven't heard from her since, but am hoping all is well in her corner of the blog-i-verse...and I did an extra scan of my computer, and double-checked my security selections...just in case.

Isn't this a pity?
Isn't this just a damned shame?
That Screwtape and his cronies think
That artists are fair game?!

Not on your life, buddy boy!  Not here! Nowhere; nohow; no-when!

Hit the road, Jack!!

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