Sunday, November 03, 2013

And in Other News

I have some more natural dyeing results to report.  :-)

A few days ago I shared a photo of the first batch of leaf-dyed fabric and wool batting I'd tried.  At the same time, I'd tucked away two bundles of silk (one habotai, one charmeuse) wrapped around some of the leaves from that dye bath, secured with heavy picture wire and sprinkled with vinegar.  They'd sat in a sunny window ever since.

This morning I unwrapped and rinsed them, and ironed them dry.

Oh my.

Before I post the photos, let me assure my dear friend arlee that she has no competition from me on this front.  :-)  Here's a photo of a portion of the piece of silk I bought from her Fyberspace Shop recently:

arlee's fabulous fabric (C) 2013 arlee barr

And I thank arlee for the inspiration...I just had to see if I could do it, even on a small scale.  So here's the leaf-wrapped silk charmeuse:

Left edge

Right edge
And now the leaf-wrapped silk habotai:

Left edge
Right edge

I love the effect of the leaves, and the imprint of the rusty bits of wire binding...and just the general texture of each piece.   I know there are tree trunks in there, and perhaps some wintry skies...and who knows what else?  Though Peggy did warn me this could be an addictive practice, our leaves are now under a thick blanket of heavy, wet snow.  Methinks the 'natural' dyeing will be taking place in snow banks in the near future, and the leaves and bark will have to wait till Spring.

Then there is the bark-dyed fabric, now finished and dry:

From dye bath made by soaking and simmering
bark from aging ornamental crab apple tree

Top to bottom: silk charmeuse, silk habotai, some sort of brocade, and two pieces of crinkle cotton.  The silks are the best, with the charmeuse winning the "stunning" competition hands down!

The wool batting is going to be nice too -- more golden than the one dyed in a bath made from the crab apple leaves, but it's still drying:

Bark-dyed wool batting

Then there are two bundles of bark from the bath, wrapped in silk -- one habotai, one charmeuse -- and tied with fresh heavy picture wire, just percolating in the window, waiting for time and sunshine to do their work.

Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, I see the snow has stopped and the sun is peeking through.  Perhaps a little later I'll try to dig a path to my bird feeder so I can replenish it for those feathered few who dare venture out in this weather.

Have a warm and  happy Sunday!

Look closely!  There is a feeder in this tree outside my sewdio!


besshaile said...

Oh My Goodness! S N O W!!!!!!

You live in such a winter wonderland. I'm not sure if I'm envious or glad I'm still steeped in autumn. I'm just glad you stopped by.

elle said...

yup, that IS snow. I'm waiting for mine as it signals slow down time. I luv the subtleness of the natural dyeing.

els said...

I LOVE the results of your dying.
The snow is beautiful, but living in the tropics I don't envy you!