Friday, October 11, 2013

I Don't Know Where to Begin

Last weekend in Edmonton I collected suggestions (and 'no thank-yous') re: Christmas gifts.  Thankfully, one of my own gift ideas is already under construction.  Yesterday I bought yarn for another...and photographed yarn for a third, sending the photos off just a few moments ago.  Patterns for all have been purchased.

Also last week I posted goals for the current Visioning Year.  I've been part of the SAQA Visioning Project since its inception as a wiki on the old SAQA website.  Now it carries on as two blogs -- for VP members only.  It's a place where participants set goals, check in regularly (or not so regularly!), post photos of process and progress, exchange information and gather feedback.  Right now, I'm working on short-term goals -- finishing "Posh Poppies" and The Door Quilt (for lack of a better title), for example.

Then there's the goal I set about continuing to make time each week for new learning, beginning with my new embellisher (needle felting machine) and Double Trouble's inspiring book, "Embellish and Enrich".  I've decided the best way to focus and learn is to work through it from cover to cover.

I awoke this morning with "wool-gathering" sitting at the forefront of my thoughts.  As I lay in bed, ideas crept in...about abstracts and wee landscapes and florals, mounted in shadow boxes.  The beginnings of a new line of textile exploration and creation...

My friend C is about to arrive for lunch.  It's been ages since we've hit the Whistle-stop Cafe for their yummy Friday chowder, the perfect reward for a walk in the brisk autumn air.

I'll figure out where to begin -- later.

A weak link to Off the Wall Friday, indeed -- but definitely appropriate to the topic!


elle said...

Challenging oneself and learning new things is a great goal! Go Margaret!

Linda M said...

I have a rarely used Embellisher and I have that book, i should follow your lead and work thru it.