Saturday, August 17, 2013

"Sometimes I sits and thinks..."

"and sometimes I just sits."*

It was hot yesterday, and I found myself between a manner of speaking.  Sometimes, you see, after I've spent several days sampling I find I need a day "off" to let the results of the sampling percolate in my brain.  The sensation is similar to that which I feel when I've completed a piece altogether, so I take a break.

Yesterday was one of those days.  I sats and thoughts -- er, sat and thought most of the day.  To keep my hands busy, I pruned an over-zealous ornamental almond shrub at the east side of my garage, and weeded thoroughly around it.  I also knit.

First, I finished Hat #3 in my "Ten Weeks, Ten Hats" personal challenge.  Here it is, being modelled by my favourite 1 kg. peanut butter jar:

Pattern: Rhinebeck Hat by Shelia January, knit in Phildar Phil' Laine in "Myrtille" (discontinued) and Sirdar Denim Tweed DK (off-white -- also discontinued).  This pattern is published in Clara Parkes' The Knitter's Book of Yarn.

Then I spent a good part of the afternoon making this pretty little cuff:

The pattern is Shepherd's Fingerless Mitts from Brenda Dayne's e-book, Welsh for Rainbow.  I'm knitting it in Louisa Harding's "Amitola" (Colour #109 - "Salsa"), a wool-silk blend of self-striping yarn with long colour repeats, using the inside of the ball for Colour A (the yellow) and the outside for Colour B (the background which is shading -- for the present -- from green to deep blue and into purple.  As the e-book is undergoing constant up-dating, the version of the pattern from which I'm working isn't quite perfect, but I've been able to manage thus far and really love the effect Ms. Dayne has created with the honeycomb look.  These will likely be a Christmas gift if all works well.

As I sat and knit, I thought about this:

This is "Waiting for the Train", still under construction.  I put it away some months ago, having used up the silk ribbon I'd dyed for the bull rushes.  I have more ribbon now, but have yet to dye it.  I thought it looked too thick and heavy the way I'd added it, and I didn't like the flat, static look of the water (really, just a puddle) in the foreground.  I still don't like the water, but I'm having second thoughts about the rushes....  Feedback would be appreciated from those of you who are willing!

Meanwhile, it will continue to sit, and I will continue to think.  Have a great weekend!  :-)

*either Satchel Paige or A.A. Milne or...?


Judy Warner said...

I actually like the idea of the ribbon for the grasses, though I am not sure they would all be about the same size. I see what you mean about the water. Can you have it overlap the bottom of the grasses? Can't see the quilting - is it rippling? Maybe it is too small an area - could it extend to the edge of the quilt? I can't make out the left bottom side but I like the addition of the red! Hope that is enough to give you some thoughts to bounce off of. :)

elle said...

Ah Winnie! Without thinking too much my thought is go with the ribbon but looser. I know they grow thickly but just a few should still convey their presence in the pond.

Wil said...

I think that if you put some grasses partly over the water your problem with it will be solved. And yes I agree with Judy, some variation in lenght of the grasses would be better.

Grovenore said...

I agree with the above comments, but also think that perhaps some of the bull rushes could use a little more dimension; perhaps some turkey work fuzz on some of the bull rushes in the foreground? Grovenore