Friday, August 09, 2013

Playing Catch-up

Having spent most of the past week filling in for the store manager at The Crafty Lady (I generally work only 1 day a week), I'm trying to catch up -- my energy, house cleaning (yes, I do some!), gardening (green bean harvest), blog reading, and studio time.

I have been working -- here and there.  I even have a Friday Finish!  Here is an on-the-wall view of my 10 x 10 piece, Tree Study II, mounted on the canvas provided by the City of Lacombe for their event, "10 x 10: The Unknown Artist", which opens at the Lacombe Memorial Centre on September 12:

Tree Study II (c) 2013

I'm keeping the picture small so you can't see the details.  Even though I don't think my page is read avidly by the population in and around Lacombe, I thought I'd try to be as "unknown" as possible in the weeks leading up to the show! LOL!

I had great fun doing this one, creating a wrap for the canvas that worked amazingly well.  I might just have to do more pieces this way!

Another finish: the Niven shawlette as a shop sample, done in Berroco "Lustra" yarn in one of my favourite colours...which has been discontinued!

Then there was the first of my "Ten Weeks; Ten Hats" project for the charity tree at our church:

It's child-sized, shown here drying on an over-turned former-peanut butter jar.  :-)

At #2 is on the needles, as is another hat -- commissioned by a customer at the shop, the first of two I am making for her.

On the quilting front, I finished the "Cinnamon" BOM #8 -- "Broken Dishes":

And...I'm working on a both research and sampling for my "Time"-themed piece for 15 x 15 (deadline: September 30) and for my next set of miniatures (also for the end of September) -- at least 12, methinks.

So I shall link this up to Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday...and go back to blanching green beans for the freezer!  See you later!  :-)


Regina B Dunn said...

You did a great job on Tree Study II. I got to see a close-up on your texture of the lichens on a previous post and you really captured it.

Sherri said...

I never thought about making a shawl that is shorter! I just found a sweater clasp in my Mom's jewelry box. (she passed many years ago) You've inspired me to check my yarns and perhaps make a shawllette! Winter will be here before we know it!

Thanks for the inspiration!