Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Just a few photos from my trip East to Montreal and points southwest.  During my visit I was reminded of the heat and humidity in which I'd grown up but which, after over 30 years in Alberta, have forgotten.  I also had 'garden envy', as my friends and family there live in Zone 5 or 5a...where as out here, everything needs to be 'hardy for Zone 3'.


Now I know the source of Elaine's masterpieces!

Dorchester Blvd Front Yard I
Dorchester Blvd Front Yard II - Begonias!

These are just a sampling of the colours, shapes, and textures which delighted my senses...and will undoubtedly inspire future work!


elle said...

Garden envy! vbsigh My farmer tells me I should be looking at zone 2b ! :(

Giddings Art said...


Judy Warner said...

Yes, we do have humidity back here, Margaret. Woke me up a bit to hear places near Montreal described as 'south' while I am sitting in Rochester!