Friday, June 14, 2013

(Some) Friday Finishes...Connecting the Dots

I spent the afternoon in Sylvan Lake at the annual Quilt Show (this year in celebration of the town's Centennial) and then at the weekly Farmers' Market.  Sorry; no photos.  My camera's light meter (metre?) is on the fritz so I am reserving it for indoor shots at home where I can control the lighting.

The show seemed smaller this year (fewer quilts?  fewer vendors?) but it was fun to browse with my friend C.  I bought nothing, but got a review on the Frixion marking pens that made me cautious...and enjoyed the free coffee and goodies... and won a door prize (!) which included a gift certificate to a LQS that sells particularly wonderful threads...

But before we went gallivanting I spent the morning with P's quilt -- did the 'ditching' (per Ann Petersen) and began the diamond quilting portion, using my fast-disappearing marking pen to mark only the centre of each side of the diamond, and working out how to do it (as far as possible) in a continuous line.

Connect the corner to the centre dot to the corner again...

I'm going down one side of each diamond...and will eventually go back up the other!

On the knitting front, more finishes.  First, cousin D's socks, ready for the laundry:

Regia 4 Fatig - Strato Color

And... his wife A's Seyfert Cowl, which is being cast off:

It seems to me a bit shorter than the one in the pattern photo, but no problem.  Cousin A is undoubtedly shorter than the pattern's model, too!

And so it goes.  I think I'm on track to finish P's quilt by June 21...Wish me luck!

Hooking in to the last vestiges of Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday...check it out!

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Sherri said...

I hope the bits and pieces I am hearing about the Frixion pens isn't all bad. If I understand it right, you want to be able to wash it out eventually, right? In other words, don't use it on a project that won't be machine washable. Something about the chemicals might make the fabric deteriorate?
I haven't used it much and I love using the pen! What have you found out?

I envy your knitting skills! I am a crocheter myself and just made my first jacket, even though I have crocheted simple things for years!

I am hear because of Nina's Friday event too. :) Thanks for sharing!