Saturday, May 25, 2013

You Are My Sunshine

On this grey, rainy,  blowy Saturday morning, I am listening for the first time in a long while to Stuart McLean and the Vinyl Cafe.  He was appearing in Campbell River, B.C., where my nephew went to college.  He told one of my very favourite Dave and Morley stories: the one about their son Sam and his friend Murphy, helping elderly Mr. Conte next door to harvest rosemary honey.  The story is sweet and lovely and gentle; it's about the very best in men and boys of a certain age.

Then Stuart closed the show with a rousing chorus of "You are My Sunshine", John Sheard pounding it out on the piano and Matt Andersen leading the vocals.  Tears came to my eyes, as I remembered...

I used to sing this song to my kids when they were little, often when tucking them into bed at night.   They were very young when I did this, so it's doubtful they will remember...but even now at 28 and 32...they are indeed my sunshine.

If you know it, sing along....and have a sunny day!


rtquilter said...

Amen! My Babe is MY Sunshine too and I tell her often, even though she is all grownup. She is my great joy ! Aren't we fortunate women, Margaret!

Bee said...

I used to sing it to my kids too. It does put a lump in my throat to remember those precious days and think about how blessed I am to have such sunshine in my life.

Gina said...

Heartwarmingly interesting. While I have absolutely NO recollection of you singing these songs to either of us, I DO remember Anne Murray's version on her children's album, and downloaded the iTunes version several years ago--it's a song I enjoy even as an adult, and I think I can guess why :)

What's even more interesting is that I used to sing this song to S when she was a baby, to try and get her to sleep.

And on it goes.