Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Out and About

this morning; back in the studio this afternoon.  Meanwhile, on this morning's jog I listened to Alison Lee of CraftCast interview Harriete Estel Berman on the subjects of copyright, artistic voice and critique...based on Ms. Berman's Keynote Address at the Synergy 3 International Polymer Clay Association Annual Conference (in 2012, I believe).   Her topic?  "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in the Age of the Internet".

It's definitely food for thought for artists in any medium, and once I've listened to both interview and address at least twice, and chewed over the content, I may just add my two cents...

Would love to hear from any of you, Gentle Readers, on these topics and more specifically, on the conversation between Ms. Lee and Ms. Berman, so why don't you pour yourself a cuppa and tune in?

Ta-ta for now!


Judy Warner said...

I listened to their conversation during my afternoon walk today, Margaret. I thought it was a very thoughtful statement of the state of 'craft sales' - surprised that they didn't mention that the terrible economy of recent years has forced many into selling wares in hopes of supplementing income and this has exacerbated the problem.
The issue of teaching what one shouldn't is a separate topic. We used to face the same issue in our own conflict resolution workshops. Again, trying to earn income drives people to do things without thinking through if they are 'ethical'. I tend to think that many don't realize that what they are doing is inappropriate.
I do know that if you are taking a workshop from someone who know their 'voice', it is very worthwhile and while someone might be able to 'teach' the person's technique, it will be divorced from the passion of the creator and might fall a bit short in the interpretation. As said on the tape, in the long run it won't fly - unfortunately in the short run it hurts the creator.

All in all, it was a good discussion to listen to. The hobbyist vs artist labeling comes up often in SAQA discussions. That is another whole topic!

Take care,

Nişan Elbiseler said...

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