Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WIP on a Rainy Wednesday

I have been struggling most of today to get stitching, so thought I'd post progress before I get right to it!  Distractions? Housework mainly (bathroom and kitchen could no longer be ignored).  And some computer work.  I've finally finished with my old PC and now have to get some software to clean out the hard drive (not just hide files as re-formatting and/or traditional 'deleting' would do, but eliminate them).

I also downloaded my favourite photo editing program (ArcSoft 5.5, which I've used for years -- since I got it with my current camera -- and which I need to upgrade, but which still does all I need for the moment).

Now that I'm through with all that, I'm ready to stitch!

I continue to work on "Back to the Garden", which now has all the stars (and stardust) in it's sky.  This is about 2/3 of it:

And I've begun seed stitch in the 'earth' part of the piece.  Here's a detail from the lower left corner, turned on its side so it would be in better light for the photo:

I'm using some hand-dyed silk embroidery floss -- 2 strands together -- left over from an old project.  I'm not certain of the origin...could be from Gloriana Threads, but it has no label so I guess I'll never know!

Best stop typing now and get going.  For the first time in ages I'm linking to WIP Wednesday over on The Needle and Thread Network.  See you there!

 P.S. still digesting yesterday's conversation about copyright, artistic voice etc....If you haven't listened, you might check it out.


Ann Symes said...

Beautiful embellishment!

Sheila said...

I am anxious to see more of this project , looks so interesting , have fun.

Linda A. Miller said...

Happy stitching! Looking forward to seeing more of this piece!

rtquilter said...

Really nice, Margaret. We shall wait impatiently to see where it goes from here.

Regina said...

Happy stitching on this interesting project!