Monday, April 22, 2013

Left-over News

Not news that is left over.  No.  News that is about left-overs -- pieces left over from the Lacombe Art Show and Sale (aka "Encore: Art Sale & Celebration of Creative Expression".)

Of the miniatures, I brought home five.  Of the larger pieces, despite their positive reception, I brought home all but one, and it was the smallest of the group (11" x 14").

Today changed that.

I went over to Stettler (as far east of Mirror as Lacombe is west -- 43 km. or about 26-and-a-bit miles) to take my Husqvarna Lily 555 sewing machine in to the LQS there -- Caroline's Homespun Seasons* -- for a spa treatment after a year of very hard work.

(*This is a Facebook link; there is no up-to-date home page.)

From there I went down the street to the Cabinet of Curiosities gallery and framing shop to see Andrea, who cuts my mats.  I was hoping to get some more made, and I wanted to show her the left-over miniatures so she could see how great her mats looked.

Sentinels (c) 2013
We talked for a long time.  Well over an hour.  The upshot of it all?

  • Five of the eight left-over miniatures are now on display in her gallery:
  • She has a client to whom she wants to show "Sentinels" -- a branch office of a utility that's just opening in Stettler, to deal with power lines.  She asked me to send over a photo; I did.  She's meeting with the company 'guy in charge' this week to talk about art for their new office walls...and will include my photo if she thinks it will work...So there's a potential opportunity to show it to him in person after I return from the SAQA Conference...
I have another dozen mats on order, to be picked up mid-May.

And...she invited me to participate in Stettler's Art Walk (June 8-9 outdoors -- I'm already committed to going to Edmonton); and to their fall Art and Craft Fair (end of September, indoors -- part of Alberta's 'Culture Days' -- which I can do.)  

My post-conference schedule now looks like this:
  • May 31: finish my first 15x15 challenge piece;
  • June 6: SAQA Western Canada Parlour Meeting and deadline for "The Burgess Shale Project" piece (24" x 24");
  • June - August: 'self-directed summer school';
  • Mid- July: Consider entering "Encore: Art in the Park" in Lacombe.
  • June - August: prepare a piece to mount on stretched canvas for "Encore: 10" x 10": The Unknown Artist" event in Lacombe - at the Memorial Centre (same venue as the latest show and sale) September 12-29 -- the Lacombe Culture and Harvest Festival.  These pieces are donations to be auctioned off with proceeds to the Lacombe Arts Endowment Fund.  
  • June - August: review inventory and prepare new pieces for sale in Stettler at the end of September.
My short-term work life has exploded -- and it's all wonderful!  (Can you see me grinning?)


Judy Warner said...

Yay, Margaret! See you in Santa Fe.

elle said...

Wow! Faerie dusty is all over the place. But, really. What a blessing!