Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Learning Curve

I like to study; I've been a student of something-or-other most of my life.  Right now it's all about my new laptop, and Windows 8 and MS Office (Home and Student) 2013.  It's about why and how my new router doesn't work (seems something is malfunctioning with the internet port on the router and it'll have to go back to the store,  so it'll be awhile before I can go wireless).  It's about "Charms" and "Tiles" -- titles that make me think I'm playing a new game that's a cross between jewellry collecting and Scrabble.

Window from Christ Church
Cathedral, Dublin
courtesy Andreas F. Borchert,
Via Wikipedia Commons
Some of it's been a real test of my patience...and perseverance  both of which, St. Paul will tell you, are Fruit of the Holy Spirit. 

Passing this test is a slow and steady process, but pass it I will, as I am determined not to 'lose my cool' throughout.  So far I've mastered my keyboard, which has a distinctly different 'feel' than my old one.  I've also managed to get reasonably proficient with my touch-pad 'mouse'.  (I bought a wireless mouse but in light of problems with the router, I have yet to set it up.  Maybe tonight.  I do like a "real" mouse...with or without fur!  ;-)

And the studying will in June I've decided to begin a 3-month self-directed "Summer School" in the textile arts.  The curriculum will include:

  • An in-person class in encaustic with Arlene Westen Evans at Olds College during the Fibre Potpourri, sponsored this year by the Edmonton Needlearts Guild - May 31-June 2;
  • Three Craftsy Classes:
    • Ann Petersen on FMQ;
    • Jane Dunnewold on dyeing; and
    • Cindy Needham on quilting/designing with vintage linens.
  • Three DVDs:
    • Jan Beaney on Transfer Paints and on water-soluble fabric for embroidery and creating fabric from stitch;
    • Catherine Nicholls on painting/drawing on fabric; and
    • Quilting Arts series 900 including the use of tsukiniko inks to paint on fabric.
I figure by September I'll have made many samples and figured out how to use the techniques I want (and most enjoy) to enhance my work and prepare for shows (juried and otherwise) into which I want to enter.  I still have in mind a solo show at a local gallery, building up to one in Edmonton in the next year or two.  

I need to have more in my tool box and more pieces ready with which to create a proper portfolio for consideration by a gallery.

And looks like I'll be climbing the Learning Curve for some time to come!  

WIPs today?  Nothing to report, really.  Dharma has notified me that my ribbons have shipped.  :-)  I've been mending pants (buttons) and hemming the dress I made to wear in Santa Fe.  

And I've been a bit preoccupied with the news.

On the heels of the horror in Boston on Monday (turns out my cousin E, a distance runner, was there, but is now home, unscathed and very grateful), comes the news of the passing of yet another Canadian music icon -- Rita MacNeil of Cape Breton.

I saw her years ago in concert in Calgary, at which she sang the song for which she is perhaps best known.  Here's to you, Rita; you will be sorely missed.


Judy Warner said...

I like your 'Summer School'! Enjoy!

elle said...

Looks like it could be a long smooth creative curve. :)

California Fiber artist and composer said...

I love your self-directed study. You are so disciplined.

Nina Marie said...

this is a great idea - I'm a list girl myself and pretty soon I'll need add more to my to-do list. I too have a craftsy class I need to do plus a dvd I won that I want to work on!