Tuesday, March 05, 2013

WIP-less Wednesday

I begin with an apology for losing count.  In my last post, I said that St. Monica's Under the Sky was the ninth miniature.  I was mistaken; it's number eight.  Here's Number 9:

"Plough the Fields and Scatter" (c) 2013

It's based on a photo of a newly-ploughed field near my home...not far from this winter scene.  (For those of  you wondering, I took the title from a favourite old hymn, and that is the correct spelling of 'plough' in that context -- from the U.K.  :-) ).

What?  You want to know what the wee white 'v' shapes are in the ploughed field?  Those are gulls, which have swooped in after worms turned up by the plough.  I've seen them follow a plough in a flock of at least a gazillion; however, I've just put in a few to give you the idea. :-)

Materials?  My own hand-dyed blue sky; sari silk ribbon "trees" along the horizon; arlee's wonderful eco-dyed silk for the grey hilly soil; cotton for the dark tilled soil; and batik for the mix of dried grass and soil at the bottom.

Though I'm linking this post to WIP Wednesday on The Needle and Thread Network, it's still Tuesday evening, and there'll be no WIP to post tomorrow, for I am on my way to Calgary...not to return till Friday.  While there I'll be seeing several friends, visiting Mutt & Jeff and the rest of the SAQA WC Best of the West exhibit at Galleria Inglewood with one of them (who's never seen my work on exhibit before -- be still, my heart!), and introducing another of them -- an embroiderer -- to my colleague arlee at the Collaborative Quilting event at Art Gallery of Calgary on Thursday evening.  You can check details about that HERE.

Have a great week -- see you later!


elle said...

yup, they do follow the plough! These little things sure frame nice!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Just lovely!!

Gill said...

Fabulous Margaret! I love the title, it's one of my favourite hymns!

Michelle in Saskatoon said...

lovely picture indeed, hope you have a safe trip!

Sheila said...

Lovely landscape !