Friday, March 01, 2013

It Was a Lovely Party

I had such fun in February, celebrating my blog anniversary with all of you, Gentle Readers!  Thank you for tuning in, for posting comments and for celebrating with me.  I know a few new followers came on board during this time -- thank you for your vote of confidence!  I hope you'll continue to find my musings interesting.

Now it's time to wind up the final week of the party, by giving away the "Fabric Goodie Pack".  Once again I've called on my friendly the winner is Judy W of Explorations in Quilting and Life!  This really warms my heart, because a) early on last week, she admired the fabric; and b) she's a dear friend whom I first met at the SAQA Conference in Denver -- and who is going to be with me in Santa Fe, I can bring her gift in person!  (I'll still e-mail you, Judy, so you have confirmation of your gift.)

A delightful way to start the day, the weekend, and a new month!

And on that note...time to get back to work!

Yesterday was full of paperwork, preparing the application for my daughter and I to share a booth in the Lacombe Art Show and Sale (April 19-21, Lacombe Memorial Centre, Lacombe, Alberta).  Here's the check-list:

  • Cover letter; 
  • Application form;
  • Printed photos of:
    • Booth set up (me);
    • Table set up (Gina);
    • Examples of recent art work (each of us).
  • Up-to-date Artist's Statements - each of us.
  • Cheque to pay entry fee.
Phew!  Once Gina sends me her Artist's Statement, the application will go in the mail!

The booth set up photo was a challenge, because it meant dismantling at least part of the stand that I use on an ongoing basis in my studio to hold a good portion of my fabric stash and supplies.  I decided to take apart only one side, and snapped this photo for the application:

(For an example of what Gina's table display of photography will look like, visit her blog post HERE.)

My stand has 3 sides, which I usually keep folded in a triangular wheeled base.  However, for the purpose of the show, they will be standing like this (photo from the same show in 2011):

For the 2013 show, I'm making a few changes:
  • Hanging the pieces with their dowels, using S-hooks to attach them to the bare frame, rather than pinning to fabric;
  • Adding a small hanging basket for my selection of wrapped miniatures; and
  • Mounting a professionally printed banner with my company name along the top of the frame (the white space in the above photo).
I discovered the banner on Vista Print two years ago, too late to order it for the 2011 show, but have it now and will use it this year.  I've also just ordered a batch of post-cards to give away at the show and at the SAQA Conference, which follows the next weekend.

What else is left to do?
  • Cut and prepare five dowels for newest pieces;
  • Attach hangers to the canvas-mounted pieces;
  • Order more clear packs;
  • Finish up-dating my inventory/price list;
  • Sew hanging sleeves on newest pieces;
  • Make and mount five more miniatures and at least one mid-sized piece (est. 16" square, finished).
The seed stitch is finished on "Trio II", and it's mounted, thus:

I'm going to have to ask Gina how to zoom in on small works like this, so I can show you more details.  I really tried to do that with this one, but the results were all a blur.  You'll just have to come out to the show and see these "up close and personal"!  ;-)

That list ought to keep me out of trouble till Decision Day (March 22), eh?  And if we're not will be a disappointment, but think of all I'll have accomplished in the process!

Hooking up with Nina-Marie's Off the Wall Friday...and heading back to the sewdio.  Thanks for dropping by!


Judy Ferguson said...

I just did a right click on the image with the trees and then opened it in a new window. Got a nice closeup. Beautiful work.

Margarita Korioth said...

You are preparing yourself very well for the April Show my dear Margaret. What a joy to share a booth with your daughter :)
I agrred with Judy, love your trees.

Darlene said...

I just love all your miniatures and I hope they sell well in Lacombe :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing all about the process of setting up a booth for a show. I hope you sell many of your beautiful pieces. As to close ups, one way it not to take a close up with the camera, but to use your photo software to zero in closer on the detail you want to show. See if that works?

Come see me at "Off the Wall Friday!" too.