Sunday, February 10, 2013

Slow Stitching...

both Saturday and Sunday -- or at least, most of the time.  Yesterday I did manage to assemble the remaining 3 rows of my Easy Street top.  Here they are spread on my cutting table...waiting to be sewn to the other 4:

Yes...that's just the lower left (Southeast) corner and the two rows moving from that into the centre.  The top is constructed on point.  The block that's front and centre in the photo is part of the row that will join the remaining section -- what I call the Northwest corner!

But that's the only machine work I've done this weekend.  I began beading the 'leaves' on "Tree Line", accompanied by more wonderful pod-casts from On Being, as well as short clips from "82nd and Fifth", a new video series from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, about which I was notified by e-mail recently (I'm on their e-mail list).  No textiles in the ones I viewed yesterday afternoon, but inspirational nevertheless.

Though I'm still working on the beading, here's what it looked like when I ran out of steam yesterday:

Pookie came in for a closer look while it was still on the table where I was working:

Even at nine months, she's very discriminating!

Yes, I can hear some of you muttering about cat hair on my work -- never fear!  She wasn't there very long, and all work is thoroughly cleaned of hair and threads before making any sort of public appearance!

Once I set the beading aside, I turned to some hand embroidery, putting in another row on the Atlantic Seaboard Sampler I'm making for my friends' 40th wedding anniversary in May:

Looking through my magnifier, you can see I was working on Row 19 of 33; I finished it during the evening.  The next row will be more formidable; it's the Nova Scotia tartan...worked in single strands of cotton floss in tent stitch...over one thread at a time.  Please pray that when I've finished the row, I won't have gone blind!!

And today...the beading continued as I watched Bonnie's Quilt Cam, but the sunshine is calling so I'm off shortly for a walk while the weather holds.  Tonight...more pod-cast treats and more beading.  Happy Sunday!

P.S. Remember, any comments left on any of my posts this week will result in an entry into the first of my three 10th Blogging Anniversary give-away draws, Friday, February 15.  :-)


Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

I Love the colours in your Easy Street quilt! I keep following these QAL...but have never been brave enough to try one! LOL

Cathy Tomm said...

Your Easy Street is looking good. Far better then mine.

Peggy said...

Looks like you've been busy!