Thursday, February 14, 2013

Room for Improvement

Isn't there always?

Yesterday I posted what I thought were finished miniatures; however, I realized this morning that "On Forever" was missing a little something, just visible on the right side of the original photo:  power poles and a fence line.

As this piece is tiny, I decided to use a Pigma (R) Pen to draw them in.  That worked well and I was pleased  -- at least, till I took the photo.  I assure you, the piece looks better in person, but there seems to be a tangent going on...and I can't fix it!!  It's at the juncture of the fabric with the tallest pole on the right side.  I  can't miss it, so I'm sure you can't either!

What would you do, Gentle Reader?  Would you leave it 'as is'?  Would you make a new piece (yes, I have more of the same fabrics)?



Mary Ann Tate said...

It looks fine to me:) Sometimes we are our worst critics and over analyze stuff.

elle said...

hmm? It almost looks too predictable, Margaret.

Margaret said...

It's based on a photo, elle...I took it out my car window on the way home from Lethbridge a couple of years ago. I've been making these minis to sell at an upcoming art show and sale. The prairie is nothing if not predictable... ;-)

Judy Warner said...

I kind of like that it makes it a bit asymmetrical. :)

Pat said...

It's fine but have you thought about using the "field fabric" with the stripes going horizontally.I find working from photos really difficult. there is usually too much detail.

Wil said...

Leave it like it is. You can always call it the hand of the artist :-)