Wednesday, February 13, 2013

At the End of the Day

It's been a full day here in the studio -- posting, editing, stitching, and posting again.  Here are the two little pieces from yesterday's design wall, stitched and ready to go into their matts:

On Forever - 5" x 7" view

This piece consists solely of commercial cottons, with hand quilting for the sky (back-stitch, actually) and machine quilting for the prairie, and hand embroidery for the lines on the highway.  Seriously; coming home from Lethbridge up Highway 23 in October, this was my view!

Autumn at the Slough - 5" X 7"  view
This view I pass regularly as I head home (east) from the city of Lacombe at least twice a week.  I see it best early on Sunday afternoons, and this was one such day when I took the photo inspiration for this piece.  All of the fabric is commercial cotton.  Can you tell that the brown is the same fabric, seen from each side?  :-)  Never discount the reverse side of the fabric!  In art quilting there is no 'right' or 'wrong' side!

Here's a detail of the stitching in the lower corner:

I was blessed to find pre-programmed machine stitches that worked beautifully for the water and the lower grasslands, but I added hand stitch for the grasses in the water.  I must thank my daughter for the turquoise scrap that created the water -- she sent it to me just a little while ago and it is perfect!

And yes, I have succumbed to labelling my photos.  I may forget from time to time, but am trying to make an effort so that when Google steals these images, at least the source will be identified.  (If you right click on it, apparently, my URL will show up, which is a Good Thing.)

Till we meet again, "Be well, do good work, and keep in touch." -- Garrison Keillor, "The Writer's Almanac".

P.S. Did you realize that for Canadians, today is a palindrome?  13-02-2013 is the same backwards and forwards!

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elle said...

ah! nice work and a nice blessing!