Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ending on a Sunny Note

Ending the month, that is.  I've been thinking; isn't it odd that we can -- at the very same time -- wonder if winter will ever end and where December, January and February went?!   (C'mon now; you know that's true -- that's exactly what we do!)

To end the month on an appropriately sunny note (whether it's sunny where you are or not), here is the last of my "Quilty Vitamins":

"Sunflower Sunrise"!  This is a pattern  from Letitia Hutchings via Mount Redoubt Designs, for a lovely hanging -- a bit three-dimensional -- that finishes at 18" x 42".  (I tried to find direct links to both Ms. Hutchings and, but cannot.  Mount Redoubt's website is apparently undergoing a make-over so if you want to view it, try it and see...)

And the winner of this bit of sunshine is... L.E. of Elly Knits!  I will be in touch with her...and hope that she enjoys quilting as well as knitting.  If not, perhaps she has a friend or family member who quilts...

I'm off to a slow start today, as I was home late from the wonderful "Evening with C.S. Lewis" at Deer Park Alliance Church in Red Deer.  This was part of a fund-raising tour for World Vision, for which David Payne, the actor playing Lewis, is a spokesperson.  In addition to Lewis, Mr. Payne has portrayed the apostle Paul (as he was while under house arrest in Rome) and Aslan the Lion in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.   If you get a chance to see one of his productions, I highly recommend you do so! (See the link above for tour dates.)

So now...I must get back to the studio.  More later!


Gill said...

No sunshine here!!
Roll on Spring!

L.E. said...

I won! I won! How exciting!
I have never tried quilting before. Maybe this is a sign that I should!

Thank you Margaret!