Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wintry WIPs

It's the second day of high wind chills here in my wee hamlet; today, snow's been added for good measure.  I'm glad to be indoors working away, and thankfully, doing so with greater focus than yesterday!

First thing this morning, I finished the finger-less mittens for B:

And here's a bit of detail:

There's a bit of a halo on this yarn, even just after working with it -- so it's fairly delicate.  These will be for dressier occasions, methinks.

I warmed up by assembling yet another row on Easy Street, and attaching it to the corner I put together yesterday:

It's so darned big that I'd have to climb on a higher ladder to get it all in the photo!

From there, I went to my dye pot, where the cotton I'd put in there had been steeping for over 12 hours (no heat).  I rinsed the fabric in cool water and then let it soak in warm water with a bit of vinegar for about 1/2 hour.  After that I washed it in mild detergent, rinsed it and threw it in the dryer.  Once dry, I ironed it out:

Even though I took this photo with no flash, under my daylight lamp, it doesn't do the colour justice; it's really a lovely rich caramel brown, and is going to feature in at least one of my miniatures.  There are 3 fabrics -- the large piece of muslin in the background, and the two pieces of neutral print over-dyed in the front.  The print on those fabrics gives it a textured look as you can see in this close-up of the piece on the left:

After lunch I tackled a couple of landscapes.  One is ready to quilt.  This one is "Chinook", referring to the warm winds that blow into Alberta over the Canadian Rockies.  A Chinook can be identified from a distance by the arch formed between the horizon and the clouds above.  I took this photo of the fabric layers framed by my working 'L' shapes, and trimmed it so you'd get an idea what it'll look like in a 5" x 7" space.  Oh...and after the quilting there may be a bit of thread painting to add either trees or a fence or something...

Chinook - commercial cotton, my hand-dyed cotton, arlee's hand-dyed silk

The second piece is being pondered.  I'm calling it "Winter Sunrise" and am wondering about something:

Should the snowy area below the hills echo the red of the sunrise?  (This would be done with red tulle.)


Winter Sunrise - commercial cotton and batik, my snow-dyed muslin,  more of arlee's hand-dyed silk

Note that again, I've trimmed the photo to show you what you'd see in a 5" x 7" space, surrounded by a matt.  Quilting to follow once I've made up my mind about the tulle.  Any thoughts?

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elle said...

Easy Street looks lovely. The dye is suitably mellow. Sunrise on snow? I don't know. I do like the reddish 'shadow'. I also don't know that chinooks make an arch but then I am from the centre of Canada and that isn't in any weather we get.

M-R Charbonneau said...

Great projects. I like the red tulle personally -- great pop.

Mary Ann Tate said...

I like view one with the tulle...more interesting.

Sam said...

Hahaha, I'm going with no tulle, I like a more obvious contrast. One way or another I like both pieces, and a big thumbs up for chinooks, my favorite winter weather.

Regina said...

Another vote for the no-tulle side, also it will be awesome no matter what you do.