Tuesday, January 29, 2013

One of Those Days

When you wake up far too early (4 a.m.) and have trouble going back to sleep because a) your cats are chasing each other around the house; and/or b) you're stomach is growling.  In my case: BOTH.  Sigh.

Started off with coffee and my Morning Pages.  Back to sleep...almost over-slept...then spent the day in a highly distracted state.

Looking back, I did manage to get a few things crossed off my list:
  • "Sentinels" - Apply label and hanging sleeve. DONE. And I have to take a moment here to thank everybody who left kind remarks about  this piece.  Even if it doesn't sell at the Lacombe Show in April, I feel good about it and if it meets size requirements, might even manage to enter it somewhere!
  • Easy Street - I met some blocks on the upper right corner (;-)) and managed to put them together!

Whoa!  It's pretty wild, I'll have you that, but I love the colours.   Definitely on the blue-green side but the neutrals balance it better than I expected.  :-)

  • E-mails: caught up on my reading.  Had a chunk of editing to do on a catalogue that SAQA Western Canada is producing for our current travelling show, "Meet the Best of the West"  NOTE: It's being hung this week in Galleria in Calgary, and opens there Feb. 2.  If you're in the neighbourhood, enjoy!
  • Miniatures:  managed to prep the foundation fabric for six of a planned 12 minis -- 5" x 7" finished in 8" x 10" matts.  This means I applied double-stick fusible web to muslin -- using Steam-a-Seam 2 Lite...and have run out.  Would love to order in bulk (cheapest I've found is $35 for 4 yards, 24" wide.) Will be in Stettler on Thursday so will check at Homespun Seasons before ordering online.  I like S-a-S 2 Lite because of it's flexibility and light hand for stitching.
  • Other pieces: printed off photos for 2 pieces I want to make at least 12" square.  (One of them will definitely be that, and be my donation to the annual SAQA Benefit Auction 2013.)  These are "Waiting for the Train" and "Can You Hear Me Now?" -- both prairie landscapes and kind of fun, based on photos taken near home.
  • Knitting: I'm working on the left mitten for my friend B, have made it past the thumb gusset and am working on the final ribbing for the hand portion.  Tomorrow: the thumb!
  • Dyeing:  I ironed the snow-dyed pieces I finished the other day and will be using them a bit on the aforementioned miniatures.  Today, as promised, I moved onto dyeing with black tea -- using a full pack of the two I was given by a Secret Santa at Christmas.  It's looking deep brown right now, but the instructions have me leaving it over night, so this could change.  I got my tutorial HERE.

Tea in a cheesecloth sack, boiling up

Sack of tea removed; heat off; left to steep overnight

Tomorrow will tell the tale. Stay tuned for the results!

Right now (7:45 p.m. Mountain Time) am I relaxing with decaf and Bonnie's Quilt Cam. My list is still there to haunt me...but shorter.  We're in a Deep Freeze right now, and snow is expected over night, so I'm hoping by this time tomorrow I'll be caught up!

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