Monday, January 14, 2013


Yes -- winners, plural!  

First, congratulations to California Fiber & Music, winner of Books Unbound: 20 Innovative Book-making Projects.  I'll be in touch by e-mail shortly to get your snail mail particulars!  :-)

Now about the 'plural'...After I put the book up for the draw for post #975, I received two current magazines, both wonderful, and already in my library!

I thought long and hard about giving 'em away at the next milestone on the way to 1,000...but when?  980?  985?  990?  995?  I couldn't make up my mind so...I decided to use the second- and third-place entries (all sorted by's random sequence drawing system) to give away these publications.

Drum-roll, please...!

The first magazine is the beautiful Australian stitchery magazine, Inspirations, Issue #76, 2012.  I hope Judy C of Textile Images enjoys it!

And the second magazine, itself inspirational, is the Winter 2013 edition of Art Quilting Studio, which includes articles by my friends and colleagues, Kathie Briggs and arlee barr.  Some delightful reading to enjoy on wintry evenings for elle of elle in da coop.  Congratulations!

I'll be in touch with you two gals for your snail mail information too, and once the snow stops I'll get all three packages out to you by Canada Post.  (The way that this winter is going, that might be June!  ;-)  Just kidding!)

Now off you go and have a great day!


elle said...

I'm thrilled, Margaret. Thanks so very much!

Judy Cooper Textile Artist said...

Thanks, Margaret. I don't usually win things. This is a real surprise.