Monday, December 03, 2012

'S No Mystery; It's Monday!

Today's a bit of a snow day for me.  We had a small storm roar through yesterday afternoon and overnight, so the roads aren't ideal for travelling just yet -- and I have a good 5" deep by several feet long and wide to shovel, just to get out of my driveway.  Maybe we'll see the Lacombe County plows today...and maybe we won't.

It's just as well; I have lots I can do here, given that my usual Monday in Lacombe has been cancelled.  :-)

First, I have a few Flying Geese Units to finish up for my Easy Street mystery quilt.  I've made 100 of the 128 required, but those last couple of dozen (+/-) will be finished in no time.  Here sit the finished units (lower left-hand corner), cuddling up to the four-patches from Clue #1.

Then I have some more gift knitting to do...and the inevitable stitching on my Final Assessment Piece for the C&G.  I worked some more on it yesterday afternoon during Bonnie's Quilt Cam, but need to track down some more green floss.  I may just go back to the sample and play with some silk ribbon I have that's the right colour and might work well in the foreground.   If I do, I'll take photos and share that later on.

And then there's the Advent Quiet Day to prepare for.  I need to make another batch of muffins for the attendees, and to write out my portion of the reflections so that what comes out of my mouth on The Day actually makes sense! LOL!

Best get busy!

Oh...and I'm linking this up to Bonnie's Mystery Monday link-up over at Quiltville.  Have a great day!


Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Lovely colors for your mystery quilt.

Kitsey in Texas said...

Hi Margaret,
I'm not working on Easy Street. I decided to work at finishing Orca Bay from last year instead. Your blocks look great and you have so much else going, be good to yourself. Hope you have a peaceful week.

Anonymous said...

Easy Street blocks looking great. You've got a lot on your plate!