Wednesday, December 05, 2012

PIP Wednesday

Yes, "PIP" -- for "Play in Progress".  It's been snowing steadily for the past 90 minutes or more and is forecast to continue for the next little bit -- so I'm playing indoors today.

On the left is a small, inexpensive plastic loom, which I purchased for the upcoming Advent Quiet Day at my parish church.  The day is about 'the work of our hands', and consists of reflections on the spirituality of handwork.  There will be a bit about handwork in community, so I thought it would be fun and interesting to have a small project to which participants could contribute -- something simple that could be done a bit here, a bit there throughout the four hours or so we are together.  Lori at The Crafty Lady has been working wonders on a small table loom -- but that would be quite an investment for a single day, and I wasn't about to bring home yet another fibre addiction! LOL!  So...she suggested this small 'potholder' loom which can be used with especially-cut jersey-knit fabric loops or with any scrap yarns.  I opted for the scrap yarns.  What you see on the loom is some slightly fluffy Patons Diana acrylic that was donated to us by the family of a now-deceased member of our congregation (Alice, your sweet knitting spirit lives on!)  It's in such a shocking shade of pink that no one in our charity group has been inclined to knit with it, so I thought I'd try it out here.  I've warped the loom and figured out how to use the hook, so now it's tucked away, ready to be used on Saturday.

That process was a very satisfying little play time for me this morning. Now I've moved on to the other items in the photo, of which you can see only a bit, because they are Christmas gifts.  That's all I'm going to say about 'em, too.  :-)

May you have great fun at whatever you're doing today!    Meanwhile, I'm linking up with PIP WIP Wednesday on The Needle and Thread Network.


elle said...

Here a little, there a little and you have a good sized placemat in no time!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Hello Margaret....I love your header!! Thanks for stopping by and for your wonderful comment. I did sleep,.lol, This quilt was for Christmas; the lady was late getting it to I was hurrying.

Anonymous said...

Secrets, secrets. Nice idea for the quiet time on the loom. I am busy doing small projects too...'tis the season!

Ann Symes said...

It's so hard to do a WIP post when all your projects are to be gifted! I'm looking forward to AFTER Christmas when I can see everyone's lovelies!

Regina said...

Wonderful project for a great occasion. I hope you'll have lots of fun.