Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I Feel Better Now

There's a whole lot goin' on right now chez Margaret -- most of it to do with Christmas preparations and wondering if the hand-stitching on "Trio" will ever be completed.  Wondering, even, why I started it -- the hand stitching, that is.  Oh yeah; for texture -- and yes, I have to admit, it's working.

This morning after breakfast there was no dawdling.  Managed to get several blocks finished for Easy Street's Clue #3.  Then began another small project -- another gift, so no photo.  Re-discovered the wonderful blanket stitch on my Husqvarna Lily 555, and discovered (after almost a decade!) that I can do a beautiful 1/4" seam with a regular foot -- and Stitch #23 from Menu #1!  Who knew?  I no longer have to rely on my 1/4" foot.  Well!  I used it for this gift and like it, so will try it with the rest of the Clue #3 blocks and see how it compares to using the special foot.

Took a break to put two parcels and several Christmas cards in the mail.  One of the parcels was a gift box for my friend D in Calgary; the other was the copy of The Art of Fabric Books for Delores in Toronto, who won the draw from Blog Post 950.  Yay!

Did a bit of sweeping and shovelling on stoop and walk, and after lunch, went back to sewing.  Took a break again at 2:30 p.m. for a good jog -- have to get out when the weather is this nice!  The challenge of running when the weather is warming up is the extra work-out one's legs get from ploughing along in mushy snow.  I kept telling myself it's paying off!!

And then in to catch up on my e-mails...and to enjoy Robert Genn's latest missive, "Studio Dynamics".  His post is the real reason for the title of mine today.  That -- and the link provided by his daughter, Sara.  (A word of caution: it's a Pinterest link...for those who prefer to pass...)

Yep; I feel better now.  And the calendar in my studio is for December -- 2012.  ;-)

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