Thursday, November 15, 2012

Planning, Intuition...

or..."Sample, Sample, Sample"?

I know what I want for my C&G assessment piece -- in my head, anyway.  I can visualize it.  So...I set out to make a sample -- 9" square unfinished -- and began to audition for layout and colour.

First, the photo inspiration (a slice of a larger photo):

And its partner in grey-scale:

And the paper collage (from an earlier assignment):

And now the samples (note: nothing is attached; it can still be changed):

Sample #1

The first sample has commercial fabric for sky, brown and green background, and recycled sweater (inside out) for the "hills" or distant bushes.  arlee barr's eco-dyed cotton is used for the tree trunks throughout.  In the final piece I plan to add some bark texture with snips of painted fusible web.

Sample #2

The second sample has hand-dyed recycled sari silk ribbon for the 'hills', my own rusted muslin for the brown background and purchased hand-dyed green fabric in the foreground.

Sample #3
Sample #4

 The third sample is the same as the second, but the sari silk has been swapped out for the recycled sweater, cut narrower and placed right-side out.

I like this last one best, but I don't have enough of that green to make a large piece (minimum is 18" square)...I don't know if I can duplicate it as I didn't dye this one myself.  I also don't have a large enough piece of this particular sky fabric, which is commercially printed, but I do have a larger one I hand-dyed, which I'm saving for the final piece.

Any thoughts?

P.S. 10 posts to 950...and another give-away.  Stay tuned.

Oh -- and my friend P's Barn Swallow Scarf is finished.  Here it lies across the top of my easy chair:


elle said...

I like abstraction the use of the different fabrics for the hills.

Bev said...

love your trees!

and that scarf is lovely too