Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Colonel Mustard in the Drawing Room...

...with the lead pipe.  No -- wait.  Wrong "Clue"!  ;-)

It's Clue #1 for Bonnie Hunter's "Easy Street" mystery quilt -- and here are 193 (192 + 1 for the pot) little four-patch blocks all nicely stacked:

Isn't that background print (the cream ++) funky?!  I love it because I never know what's going to show up when I cut it.  :-)

While I wait for Clue #2 (due out on Friday), I'm sewing my son's Annual Christmas Boxer Shorts.  He never reads this blog, but his sister does; however, even if she tells him, it's a tradition, so there's no surprise there.  The surprise comes in the fabric being used -- and thus, no photo!

In the C&G, hand-stitching has begun on the grasses, starting with the browns.  A photo soon, I promise.

And then there's knitting.  Did I post one of the "Donna Nobis Pacem Cowl" for my friend M?  I thought not.  So here it is:

Yarn: Berocco Ultra Alpaca Fine in "Redwood Mix" (colour #1281).  Soft and lovely!  I await hearing whether or not she's going home for a break in her treatment, before I mail this off.  (By the way, "Donna" is a play on words because the designer originally created this for a friend by that name...so don't criticize my Latin! LOL!)

And there are some knitted gifts under construction...again, no photos.  

More later this week, so stay tuned.

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