Saturday, August 18, 2012

In the Garden

Those of you who've been reading these posts for some time know that one of my favourite places in which to work is my garden.  Every spring I put up my "outdoor studio" and try to work there as much as possible. This means hand-work.  I suppose I could -- because there are plugs on the back of my house -- but I've never taken my sewing machine outdoors.  Instead, I prefer to sit on a bench under my trees and stitch.

I love to watch the changing flora and fauna over the months from spring to high summer.  In the past few days, the mornings have dawn clear, sunny -- and cooler, with a sharper edge to them than last week, or all through July.  Fall is fast approaching; the days are shorter and there is less and less time to work outside.  Each day is a treasure, and brings new beauty to behold and enjoy.

A few months ago, my friend M, who was moving, blessed me with a gift -- the embroidery frame and floor stand that had belonged to his late wife, K.  I never met her, but I have seen her work, and it's exquisite.  I was honoured to receive his gift but till yesterday, I hadn't even open the box in which it sat in my sewing studio.  

A pair of long-time friends are celebrating their fortieth wedding anniversary in 2013, and even before M's gift, I'd determined to embroider a special sampler for them to mark the occasion.  Yesterday I decided it was time to make a start on the sampler, and the perfect frame was the floor-standing one, which I could use outside.  In the box I found all sorts of nuts and bolts and -- not surprisingly! -- no instructions.  I had to go by the picture drawn on the outside of the box, but I managed to get it together and functioning.  I need to use a higher seat than my bench to be able to stitch comfortably, but that's not a problem.  And one of the feet falls off when I carry the frame in and out of the house...but that's not a problem either.  I'll find a new bolt with which to attach it.  All that matters is that the frame has been set up, and during the last of these summer days I can stitch away at the sampler in my favourite place.

K's stand; new project


Jenny K. Lyon said...

What a lovely post Margaret! I got a feel for your "outdoor studio" and the brief joy it brings.

Judy Warner said...

I can picture you happily sewing!