Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Yesterday, I travelled up to Wetaskwin to fetch my camera at the home of Joyce, the President of the Wetaskiwin Quilters Group.  Bless the woman (one of the vendors) who turned it in at the end of the day on Saturday; bless the Secretary of the Group who answered my panicky e-mail on Saturday evening, and bless Joyce for keeping it safe for me.  Now I can share with you the photos I took at a show I enjoyed very much.

The exhibit that made me smile was the Clock Challenge -- an assortment of functioning quilted clock masterpieces:

Interesting assortment of styles

Love that '50s TV!

Rural clock, close up

Many of the pieces were variations on a theme.  What stood out? First, a quilt my son, even now, would likely cotton onto (no pun intended!)

"Carter 15" by Marlene Olson
Marlene's piece is from Quilts with Style, Issue #60, and is designed by Liz Schwartz Stephen Siefert. Originally a pattern for a wall-hanging, Marlene cleverly enlarged it -- and created matching pillow cases as well!

There was charming 3-dimensional piece featuring Japanese fabric folding, a sweet wreath in applique, and a vibrant piece in silk dupioni. 

"Spring Dreams" - Sandra Deucher
The pattern Sandra used is "Carolina Lily Wreath" by Southwind Designs.  She purchased it as a kit from Quiltessential Company of St. Albert, Alberta, and pieced it while living/staying in Libya!  It is beautifully hand-quilted by the maker.

"Zen" by Susan Strong, quilted by Ardelle Kerr
This was my very favourite piece -- largely because of the stunning use of colour.  It positively glowed!  The pattern Susan used was "Zen" by Amy Walsh; the quilter, Ardelle Kerr and her husband, Roger, own Quilting from the Heart, a lovely quilt shop in Camrose, Alberta.  I have some dupioni in neutrals (tans, golds, browns) and this has given me yet another idea what to do with it!

For another local quilter's 'take' on the same show, see Cathy Tomm's post here.

Now, aren't you glad I got my camera back?  :-)

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Judy Warner said...

Glad you got the camera back, Margaret, and I love Zen!