Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Back to "Werk"

as Bess, LTQ, would say.  Now that I have 3 days in a row to myself (sort of), I have much to do.  I've already caught up on posting re: the Wetaskiwin Quilt Show.  I have bread on the go in the machine.  I've washed recent fabric purchases and donations.  I have to mow my lawn and clean/vacuum my car, but its rainy and windy today so I can put those off.  I now have to:

  1. post an update on my SAQA Visioning Project page;
  2. account for what I've been doing to my mini artist support group on Yahoo;
  3. cut up some more ties and make corresponding crazy quilt blocks for five more Tuesday stitches (thank you, Sharon B, for a week off!).
This morning, though, I began to work out what was going to be my Assessment piece for Module 6 of the City and Guilds -- till Memories of Mirror supplanted it, of course.

This is a rough sketch/mock-up of All the Streets End in Trees, featuring piecing (as Module 6 required) and some applique.  I sketched with water-colour pencils, and then cut up some fabric samples for grass, road, trees, and sky.

This is what my studio table looked like in the proecess:

Most of the fabric is commercial, but a few pieces are one's I've hand-dyed.  Some are fat quarters and others, mere scraps.  Stay tuned...

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Judy Warner said...

Your studio table looks like mine in the midst of a process. :)