Monday, May 21, 2012

Sometime in the mid-seventies

My late husband and I went see the Bee Gees in concert.  They'd recently returned to the music scene after some years away.  "Saturday Night Fever" had just been released, I think, and disco was all the rage.  Though we never managed to match the moves of John Travolta in that movie, we were caught up in the happy sound and the infectious dance rhythms penned and performed by Robin Gibb and his brothers -- "Jive Talkin'", "Stayin' Alive" and the slower, sexier "How Deep is Your Love?" among them.  With the passing of Donna Summer recently, it seems that Heaven is assembling its own Disco Dance Band.  This side of the Veil, my generation will be dustin' off its dancing shoes, alive 'n jivin', survivin' -- as the beat goes on.

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