Monday, May 21, 2012


...where I've been hanging out lately, between the borders and my block-by-block quilt.  It's a new adventure -- designing borders for a traditional-style quilt centre that's already quilted.

Again, I'm very thankful for Ann Petersen, my online instructor ('s "Quilting Big Projects on a Small Machine") for her guidance and timely response to my questions!  She was especially helpful when I attached my first border -- one of the side borders -- and ran into a wee problem: stretching!

Oops!  Check bottom edge -- about 1/2" too long!

She instructed me to 'reverse sew' it (ahem!), re-pin it at the correct length, block it with steam (and a spritz of water if necessary), pin it thoroughly and join it from the backside (the batting side).  I did all this -- and it worked beautifully.  Thanks, Ann!

Next, to remove the bulk in the seams, I had to trim the batting.

Once the sides were attached, I laid out the top border. You can see why it was so important for those corner edges to match!

Satisfied that it's in the right place, I've pinned it within an inch of its life -- and I'm ready to sew!

Today's task: get top and bottom borders sewn on, batting trimmed and quilting done.  Tomorrow: label, binding and hanging sleeve.  Wednesday: wash and pack for the trip to the appraiser.  Photos to follow along the way.  See you soon!

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