Sunday, March 04, 2012

Quiet Weekend

Sort of.
NFS - before soles
  • I rarely talk on the phone, but this weekend I was in touch with three good friends, and each conversation was an hour (or nearly so).
  • I puttered in the sewing studio, making yet another sample for my 'Best of the West' piece.  
  • I watched three episodes of The Quilt Show, completed two of their online jigsaw puzzles, and took in Episode Seven of "Why Quilts Matter".
  • I cast on and knit 26 rows of the Dr. Who Scarf, a gift for the son of a good friend (due date: September).
  • I sewed the non-knit soles onto the bottoms of the Non-felted Slippers for my friend J and took them to her today at church.  She's thrilled.  :-)  (Note: this pattern is a free Ravelry download, so if you're a Ravelry member (that's free too), you can find 'em there.)
  • I started a new book: Ella Minnow Pea, an epistolary novel (i.e. written in letters, a style of which I'm very fond) by Mark Dunn.
  • I ran (jogged) for an hour yesterday, and napped for two today.
  • And eventually I was inspired to create this week's crazy quilt block, featuring the stitch for Week Nine of Take a Stitch (on) Tuesday: Couching.

Materials: pieces of one randomly-selected silk tie, some of the lining of the tie, a snip of shiny red fabric of unknown origin, a bit of green velveteen, some gold silk dupioni, gold cord, ric-rac, and cotton embroidery floss; one fancy button.  Stitches used for couching: herringbone and fly stitch.  See if you can find all the couching...

As I type, the wind is rising and I am wondering if we are going to get the forecast snow after all.  Time to curl up in bed with my cuppa and my book. G'night all.  :-)

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besshaile said...

oh - your clocks are so much better than mine! Love that crazy quilt block.