Friday, December 16, 2011

"Love That Red!"

Love that Red!
That's the name of a lipstick from Revlon (R) (you can still buy it today -- online at, of all places!) that my mother used to wear.  A black-haired, blue-eyed beauty, she looked wonderful in it -- and in her other favourite Revlon (R) shade, "Cherries in the Snow".

elann Sonata Soft
Colour #3794: Wine
I've been reminded of her much of today as I've been working with the colour red in its various shades and tones, both in my quilting and in my knitting.  The yarn for my daughter's Christmas Sweater is's "Sonata Soft" in colour #3794, known simply as "Wine".  Having finished the sleeves, I am now making my way down the body (this is a top-down pattern) and will finish it soon (if I have enough yarn) or even sooner (if I don't).  I still have one bit of a ball from the sleeves, and one pristine, untouched ball, so I think I'll make it all the way.

Don't the red triangles play
nicely with the blue squares? :-)
In the sewing studio, I've been working on two projects: first, my C&G hexagon sampler, on which I've tied half the "hexies" and plan to bead-tack the other half, per the requirements of Activity 4 of this Module; and second, Part 4 of the OBMQ.  Yes, I know that Part 5 was posted today, but travel and work put a bit of a dent in my quilting time this past week, and these squares, being larger than the blue strippy ones in Part 2, take longer to construct.  Out of 64 squares (which translates into 128 triangles), I have completed all but 22, and three of those are currently under construction, so I'm feeling quite confident about finishing them and getting at least a good start on Part 5 before Christmas.  I keep reminding myself that The Sweater comes first, although you've gotta know -- sewing these squares is so meditative that I quickly lose track of time when I'm working on 'em.

Ah's mid-evening now, and time to wind down with The Sweater, a cuppa tea and an episode of The Quilt Show.  Bliss.

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Cyn said...

Yes, i agree. Your reds/blues are playing very nice together.
Looking good.