Saturday, November 19, 2011

Enough for Today

...I think.  Having decided, due to the wind chill (-29C and it hasn't budged all day) to play hooky from my monthly volunteering at the Stettler thrift store, I have now cut out and sewed up my second batch of hour glass units, working a bit at a time between about 8 a.m. and now (2 p.m.).

Sleeve #1 awaits a fitting
Maybe God's rapping my knuckles for staying home.  Out of a potential total of 52 units (cumulative -- yesterday's and today's), I have 40 that are 2.5" square (the desired size), another 9 that are 2 3/8" square (and in piecing, 1/8" makes a significant difference) and  3 that are smaller (2.25") or just plain wonky.  Sigh.  I know I was a bit loosey-goosey with the first batch, but today I took particular care in cutting, marking, sewing and pressing (even turned off the steam, which I am not usually wont to do; I like steam!)

Ah well...I'm going to take a break and do more hand-stitching on the front of the hanten jacket, and maybe -- finally -- pick up the stitches for the second sleeve of my daughter's Christmas Sweater -- all the while entertained by TQS and a couple of new-to-me podcasters (Pam Holland -- an infrequent podcaster, but arty and interesting; and Sandy, the chatty host of Quilting for the Rest of Us.)

Stay warm!

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