Friday, July 29, 2011

God Bless Robert Genn!

Catching up on my e-mails now, and in his latest missive, Mr. Genn wrote this:

Resumes are for people who need to read resumes. In the land of the credentialed, credentials are important. Regular people just like to collect art that is well done, shows some skill and has a life-enhancing quality. To my uninformed and ignorant eye, the latter is preferable to the former. In my world, people don't collect art because an artist has an art degree. They collect because the art moves them. (emphasis mine)

And in conclusion, this bit of Esoterica: 

One of the main problems many artists have with credentialed shows is that the effort upsets the natural flow of personal process. The better artists I know get up in the morning, put on their pants, and go to work. Figuring out where the work is to end up and who they are as artists comes afterward. This is the brilliance and uniqueness of our job. Artists who forget this become caterers and polishers of brass. (emphasis mine)

Yessiree, sir!


Alison said...

Robert Genn is a family friend of ours. I have 2 of his paintings and one painting that he painted and his wife silkscreened. I have stayed with him, gone boating with him and riden in his antique cars. It was fun to see his name today.

Linda A. Miller said...

Wonderfully put! I find his newsletter interesting and valuable, too.